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A haiku in honor of Joyce and Sally's June Birthdays


Fragrant Jewels

June blossoms bring joy
to those privileged to inhale
their lustrous essence.

© 2016 by Rose Marie Boyd

Movement to music keeps both mind and body healthy.

An Optimistic Mantra

When a body starts moving,
to fine music keeps grooving,
it expels negative steam,
and promotes positive dreams.

© 2016 by Rose Marie Boyd

              An infant crawls into a toddler
                  The toddler tumbles into a boy
                       The boy lurches into a teenager
                             The teenager springs into a man
                                  The man advances into a daddy
                                       The daddy slides into a grandpa
                                            The grandpa drifts into an angel

 ©2015 by Rose Marie Boyd

Trying to pedal backwards gets you nowhere.

© 2015 by Rose Marie Boyd

Despite the defensiveness a man hides behind, his faults and secrets are eventually revealed.

The wall between them
fails to keep the ugly truth
from being exposed.

©  2015 Haiku by Rose Marie Boyd

From my Novel in Progress:
Depending on Your View
Chapter 39

I took advantage of my recent birthday. Some would say I milked it" for all it was worth.

Here's a picture of me milking my cow named "Birthday"


She let me…

Win a tiebreaker,

Open lots of presents,

Stuff my face in good company,

Lick lots of frosting,

Brand her hide with a few BINGOs,

and all-in-all have a

MOOOvalous 2015 BIRTHDAY.

Humph! He acted as if we've never met before.

Mr. Moon

He was playing coy with me again tonight. 
Flitting in and out between the clouds,
he wasn’t man enough to face me straight on.

© 2015 Photo & Poem by Rose Marie Boyd

This flaming-red plant along our driveway brought to mind the fiery bush Moses encountered on Mount Sinai. Inspired by it, I wrote the below poem.


According to the Ten Commandments of Gardening
You MUST eradicate 
sinful deedsoops, I meannasty weeds. 

In order to do so,
never befoul your souloops, I meanalways practice damage control. 

If not, you’ll NEED to kneel before a flaming bush 
to buck envy, lust, pride and greed….
oops, I meanto pluck until your fingers bleed. 

 However, to AVOID,
a social diseaseoops, I meanarthritic bad knees
you can pray until dawn…orspray the damn lawn.


© 2015 Photo and Poem by Rose Marie Boyd

Preconceived notions impact the way we see ourselves and the things around us.

©  2015 Haiku by Rose Marie Boyd

From my Novel in Progress:
Depending on Your View 
Chapter 38

It seems unfair that one little thing can burst someone's bubble and bring them down.

©2015 by Rose Marie Boyd

Haiku taken from my novel in progress, DEPENDING ON YOUR VIEW, Chapter 37

My son Justin has a dominant personality. He’s very successful in convincing others that doing things his way is the less painful way to go.

(Photo taken at Medieval Times, NJ)


Be it beast or man,
Friend or foe, all bow their heads
and bend to his will.

© 2015 by Rose Marie Boyd

Ever have something in the air trigger a sense of doom or a sensual memory?

©  2015 Haiku by Rose Marie Boyd

From my novel in progress, DEPENDING ON YOUR VIEW, Chapter 35

Ever go to the funeral of a good friend or dear relative and regret never telling them how much they really meant to you?

Love and affection:
best conveyed to the living
’fore death thwarts the chance.

© 2015 by Rose Marie Boyd

Haiku taken from my novel in progress, DEPENDING ON YOUR VIEW, Chapter 34

Desperate solutions can turn bad situations into catastrophic disasters.

Haiku from my novel in progress:  DEPENDING ON YOUR VIEW, Chapter 33

With prospects dimming,
a bright idea surfaces
to blaze a worse course.

© 2015 Photo & Haiku by Rose Marie Boyd

As an acquaintance lay in a coma, I wondered "Why her and not me?" That question led to the others in the below poem dedicated to Portia Rey.

Why do dark moods make light of the sun?
Why do flowers wilt as weeds flourish?
Why do gamblers lose what’s just been won?
Why do the hungry go unnourished?

Only heaven knows why.

Why let the frail fade and the fit thrive?
Why let the poor beg as the rich hoard?
Why let the truth bend, a lie contrived?
Why let the homeless remain ignored?

Only heaven knows why.

Why do lightweights float, the heavy sink?
Why do the lame walk, a cane in need?
Why do fools act smart before they think?
Why do the desperate fail to succeed?

Only heaven knows why.

Why do winners grin and losers frown?
Why do lovers hate the flaw withstood?
Why do brave men stand, cowards lie down?
Why does bad still happen to the good?

Only heaven knows why.

                  © 2014 by Rose Marie Boyd