My neighbor Stacia sent me this picture with the following message: "The western sky looks like it’s on fire!"

At Evening’s Performance

With blazing vibrance,
Yon star takes a final bow
‘Fore dark curtain falls.

© 2011 Poem by Rose Marie Boyd/
Photo by Stacia Mercurio

Last night’s full moon enticed me and my camera outside.


Lured by a vague tidal pull,
I shake off my weariness
and plunge into the waves of night
holding tightly onto my camera.

 Anticipation floats in my belly,
as I focus my lens skyward
and capture a hypnotic sight,
displayed unabashedly full circle.

 © 2011 Photo and Poem by Rose Marie Boyd

These Icicles were dangling in the grand foyer of my front yard.

Crystal Chandeliers

Dripping with luster,
These prisms of ice brighten
Winter’s vestibule.

Photo & Poem © 2011 by Rose Marie Boyd