A few random haiku:

Despondent drifters
Pause on the reefs of regret
To await high tide.

As the meekest dream,
The moon invites the boldest
To survey the night.

Lured by the slick pitch,
A bluff canting brisk returns,
Greed assumes all risk.

Dying of boredom…
Sickened by monotony…
Desperate for a cure.

Brooding is feeble.
Though it longs for the wishbone,
It tugs with no spine.

Never a sure bet,
Luck presents tempting long shots
But no guarantees.

Walking on eggshells
Puts sensitive soles at risk
For irritation.

Once germinated,
Intrusive weeds grow thirsty
And quite tenacious.

As a cover-up,
the fabric of pride stretches,
but only so far.

To provide rescue,
 A magnanimous gesture
 With modest rewards.

Even bad apples
Contain dark seeds predestined
To grow in like form.

A sensitive cow
resents the callow butcher
manhandling her flesh.

Strict deprivation:
the ultimate pathway to

Though trouble smolders,
sparks of dread ignite to stoke
burning addictions.