After surviving the worst of times, it's often hard to take the first step toward a happier, more fulfilling life.

(I'd love for someone talented to put this poem to music, rap or rock.)

 (Drawing by Rose Marie Boyd)

Never Too Late

 Rolled out the dice, took a chance on life;
The cubes crapped out, caused all kinds of strife.
Rode out the storm, survived the rough patch,
Walkin' on eggs till some good breaks hatch.

Waitin' for answers, as the handles turn,
Watchin' time fly, as the hours burn.
Gonna rise up, slip into fresh shoes,
Tap a new song, no more singin' the blues.

 Copyright 2014 by Rose Marie Boyd

A gave a poetry toast at my daughter and son-in-law's wedding.

"To Jessica and Justin...(OOPS!)...I mean Jessica and Brian"
Jessica promptly stood up and clarified, "Justin's my brother!"
for the benefit of anyone at the wedding who might think he was an ex-boyfriend.

Clicking Together

Love, like any fine wine,
can be savored by two.

Although it may taste livelier when fresh,
its flavor can improve with age.

But, if it’s bottled up and sits gathering dust,
there are no guarantees it won’t go sour.

So keep your love uncorked and, with hearts pumping stronger,
you’ll enjoy a healthier, more satisfying marriage.

© 2014 by Rose Marie Boyd