Trying to pedal backwards gets you nowhere.

© 2015 by Rose Marie Boyd

Despite the defensiveness a man hides behind, his faults and secrets are eventually revealed.

The wall between them
fails to keep the ugly truth
from being exposed.

©  2015 Haiku by Rose Marie Boyd

From my Novel in Progress:
Depending on Your View
Chapter 39

I took advantage of my recent birthday. Some would say I milked it" for all it was worth.

Here's a picture of me milking my cow named "Birthday"


She let me…

Win a tiebreaker,

Open lots of presents,

Stuff my face in good company,

Lick lots of frosting,

Brand her hide with a few BINGOs,

and all-in-all have a

MOOOvalous 2015 BIRTHDAY.

Humph! He acted as if we've never met before.

Mr. Moon

He was playing coy with me again tonight. 
Flitting in and out between the clouds,
he wasn’t man enough to face me straight on.

© 2015 Photo & Poem by Rose Marie Boyd

This flaming-red plant along our driveway brought to mind the fiery bush Moses encountered on Mount Sinai. Inspired by it, I wrote the below poem.


According to the Ten Commandments of Gardening
You MUST eradicate 
sinful deedsoops, I meannasty weeds. 

In order to do so,
never befoul your souloops, I meanalways practice damage control. 

If not, you’ll NEED to kneel before a flaming bush 
to buck envy, lust, pride and greed….
oops, I meanto pluck until your fingers bleed. 

 However, to AVOID,
a social diseaseoops, I meanarthritic bad knees
you can pray until dawn…orspray the damn lawn.


© 2015 Photo and Poem by Rose Marie Boyd